Termites: what to absolutely know

Termite research is not done only in connection with the sale of property. It is also a continuing obligation to limit the spread of this insect.

In areas where the presence of this wood-boring insect is proven, the law mandates carrying out diagnoses when selling a home. These documents, prepared by specialised companies, join the deed. But research is not limited to the sale. If your house is infested, measure the magnitude of the disaster and be prepared to act. It is in the strength of your building. In some cases, these treatments may incur statutorily. Termites feed on wood and live in colonies. They attack frames, flooring, door frames and even furniture. Their presence is not always obvious, because they fear the light and tunnel joining their anthill sometimes away from the building. They nibble the wood from the inside and when we see their presence, the damage is often already quite serious and in some cases, critical.

Whether we have termites or not

termitesRisk areas were defined by the government as 53 departments affected. You can view the map of the regions with a quick Google search. If you do not live in a contaminated area but have a doubt about the presence of these pests in your home (suspicious galleries, insect holes in the woodwork), be prepared make a diagnosis. The technician examines the parts of the building that could harbor these critters: basement, damp, unventilated, surveys in the wooden parts, review the approaches to construction.

Other boring insects

Only the fight against termites is mandatory. However, if you are attacked by other lovers of wood insects (beetles, for example, the larvae transform wood into sawdust by burrowing), the technician will let you know.

To get rid of

To be sure to choose a competent company, prefer a craftsman approved by the Government. Beware of scammers who are willing to discover the bugs they bring themselves to get the decontamination market. For safety, the law prohibits the company that makes the diagnosis of termite treatment and control. The fight against termites is done by various means: traps placed in strategic locations or insecticide is injected into soil, walls and wooden parts, with different levels of construction.

Regulatory constraints

When you find termites in your home (even in non-contaminated areas), you are obliged to make a statement by registered mail with return receipt to the municipality stating your identity, your address and clues as to the presence of insects. If you go further, you risk a fine. A1 Building Inspection in Melbourne would be the sort of company that you’ll engage with to inspect your property for termite damage.

In infested areas, the municipality is entitled to determine areas where the owners have the obligation to treat their home. You will need to act within six months of the incident. In the case of an obligation to treat contamination or preventive therapy, the owner must provide proof of involvement of a competent craftsman.

Termites have been increasingly affecting homes in recent years and your diligence in inspecting your home and eradicating these pests is paramount in stopping their spread.

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