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Today specialists in foundation repair are considered an important contractors in the recovery industry and building stabilisation by steel piles .

This type of work requires a supply of ingenuity and rigor at every stage of operations. This is from the technical analysis that our experienced staff at provide as an informed and accurate diagnosis while respecting the customer’s budgetary constraints.

Working with an independent engineer we will provide you with a plan and specifications for work to be performed. In addition, we promise to give you all the information necessary to obtain a grant that maybe required to repair cracked concrete slabs. Main causes of collapse of a building are the removal of clay soil or built on a ground of low bearing capacity.

Early indications that determine the subsidence of the building are one or more of the following:

• the appearance of major cracks in the foundation and exterior siding
• doors and windows that are difficult to ferment
• of uneven floors
• of water infiltration in the basement

The upgrading is desirable and often necessary in order to give fair value to the building and avoid complications of the sale process. Also, if the building is not stabilised quickly and that continued subsidence, the damage could be transported at the roof, masonry and siding also cause cracks in the interior of the building at the doors and windows.

Stages of a retrofit of a building

Recovery and stabilisation of a building is done by laying piles of steel hydraulically driven into the ground to support the existing foundations.

1. A trench is then dug around the building to set steel support brackets under the sole.

2. It is then that the pile with the aid of hydraulic cylinders is driven into the ground. The foreman ensures that the pile is at the correct depth and has reached its full load capacity.

3. One then proceeds to the recovery and stabilisation of the building. It is after this operation the technician checks the conformity of the foundations.

4. Finally, the steel piles are welded and filled with concrete to consolidate.

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A look at what should not happen with a raise and re-stump job.

If you get this standard of work done and they still demand payment then you are should to say no.
Make sure to only pay when the job is complete.